The Coronavirus Edition – This Geek in Review for March 20, 2020

What an absolutely bonkers week. We sent students home at the end of the day last Friday for 3 weeks. I put together an online learning program in 4 days. Going out is grinding to a halt while the stock market tanks. One bright spot was the sign language interpreter with Governor Dewine’s press conferences.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been at the last few press conferences.

Another crazy aspect of this pandemic is the scarcity of toilet paper. But where humanity taken, the internet giveths. will help you calculate how many days your TP supply will last.

One of the greatest fears of the novel coronavirus is the exponential growth of the afflicted. These coronavirus simulations show how to flatten the growth curve. The simulations help explain why quarantines aren’t the best solution.

A lot of celebrities are doing their shows where they can, and Conan is no exception.

Handshakes are out, so why not put the Vulcan salute in.

A ton of movies are now delayed including the next Bond movie. Almost all of the theaters in the nation are closed, which is causing most movies to be delayed. You know it’s gotten bad when a few Hollywood studies are actually putting their new releases online early for $20 rentals.