Amazon Prime members get free unlimited full-size photo storage with Amazon Photos

It was Saturday morning and I was going through my RSS feeds when I read an article talking about photo backups. That’s when I learned that Amazon Photos offers unlimited photo storage with an Amazon Prime membership.

Full resolution images

Google Photos offers unlimited photo storage too, albeit at a lower resolution of 2048×2048. While this is a pretty good resolution, my iPhone 11 can take images in the 4000×3000 range. You can purchase storage to save the full resolution images, but why do that when you can save them all to Amazon Photos.

Family vault

Another nice feature is the family vault. Currently we share a Flickr Pro account to backup and share our pictures in the family. Now we can do that at no extra cost over our Amazon Prime membership.

Family Vault offers the option of adding all pictures automatically or selecting the pictures to share. I’m going to recommend that Grace does not upload all of her pictures.

Videos aren’t free

Amazon Photos offers 5GB of storage for videos, of which I went over when I uploaded my phone. Amazon offers reasonable pricing, and for $19.99/year I purchased 100GB of space. That should do me for awhile.


Printing pictures starts at $0.12 a print with your choice of glossy or matte. I haven’t done this yet, so I don’t know the quality. The app makes it easy to order.

On the web

When you visit Amazon Drive on the web, all of your pictures show up in the Pictures folder, with a folder for each device backed up.

From there you can download or upload additional pictures.

Kicking myself

Amazon started this offer back in 2016. For the last 4 years I’ve been trying to make due with Flickr Pro. It’s a nice service, but doesn’t offer enough over Amazon Photos.