Social Media Politics and more – This Geek in Review for 6 Mar 2020

Facebook has lost its luster with me awhile ago, and part of the reason was the issues with politics. Apparently, I can’t blame social media for all of our polarized politics. It’s still not enough to get me back to FB. And yes, it is ironic if you are reading this article because I shared it to my Facebook page.

A couple of years ago I looked at Vivaldi as an alternative browser. I liked it a lot, but then Brave came along. Brave has all sorts of privacy features, and now it is found that Brave is the most private browser.

Seventeen years ago, the Etch-a-Sketch became a very popular toy by being in a movie with Will Ferrell. It’s still a frustrating toy due to its reliance on right angles. Now, you can finally draw curves on the Etch-a-Sketch!

Lego bricks and Star Wars – The Total Package

I’d like to see more builds where the choice of Lego bricks is limited, but it’s exciting when you see a master build:

When you are going on a trip, you can estimate your gas costs with a calculator. But, when there is an app for everything, there is also a website for everything else. will calculate the costs of a trip for you based on the actual car you’re driving.

Back in 2015, the CEO of Gravity Payments set the minimum wage of every employee to $70,000. While the transition had some rough patches the end result 5 years later is pretty positive.

What happens when you’re 95 years old and your Gameboy breaks? You send it off to Nintendo who apparently still has new Nintendo Gameboys to use as a replacement.

The VHS Vault is a great collection of old videotapes that you can now watch on the Internet Archive.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I had no idea that the Cyndi Lauper song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was a cover!