The passing of the creator of copy & paste and more – This Geek in Review for 28 Feb 2020

Technology has become ubiquitous, and it’s hard to imagine some of the foundations of how things work. Copy and paste is one of them. The creator of copy and paste passed away this past week. Xerox Parc had no idea what they had, but I don’t fault them. Back then, personal computers was the wild west. People and companies didn’t know what to think, and problems were all new. Mr. Tesler created something that we take for granted. One of the complaints of the original iPhone was the lack of copy and paste. The iPhone didn’t get copy and paste for two years with iOS 3.0. The New York Times has more information.

Oh my goodness

As a parent, you learn not to give in to cuteness because sometimes kids are playing you. But, the new Baby Yoda from Hasbro has grown my heart 3 sizes in one day

I can’t imagine editing photos on a black & white Macintosh, but version 1 ran on the Macintosh Plus.

Steve Jobs practiced mindfulness, and researchers estimate that when Steve Jobs died at 56, his brain was only 27. I’m hoping playing violent video games will do the same for me.

One of the reasons I haven’t gotten a Nintendo Switch is how Nintendo handles app purchases. Their treatment of saved games isn’t but better. This past week they’ve shown even more contempt for their users with the handling of saved games with Animal Crossing.

Google is putting up quick little games in in HTML 5. Head on over to Gamesnacks for a quick play.

Huey Lewis and the C64

In the 80s, Jma Mitch had a Commodore 64 and Electronics Arts Music Construction Kit. Although I don’t approve of the C64, I can’t not share this. Jma Mitch only did Huey Lewis songs recently found his disks. Enjoy!

Here’s the entire playlist