Are video games art and more – This Geek in Review for 21 Feb 2020

What happens when your 75 year old mother plays through Red Dead Redemption 2? You get an incredible essay on videogames and the concept of art. There are spoilers in the article, so beware if you don’t want to be spoiled about RDR2.

I guess one way of taking revenge against a former employer is to try to sabotage their self-driving cars. Not the smartest way, but one way.

This original arcade game looks frustrating as all get out, but also, very fun. Both features of great games.

Apparently, there is an internet service call Chaturbate. No comment on the service, but I find it interesting that real life models are being threatened by a computer generated girl. Interesting times, especially once the computer generated girls can be driven by AI. Instead of one model broadcasting to many, one model would be able to carry on one-to-one conversations with as many people as possible. Remember the movie Her? The computer with the voice of Scarlett Johansen was carrying on a relationship with hundreds of guys.

Once the romanticism of the first city on Mars wears out, reality will set in.

Did you ever wonder how the motions of groups of zebrafish larvae affected each individual animal’s brain development and behavior but didn’t want to read a Ph.D. thesis on the matter? Well, wait no more because you can watch an interpretive dance on the subject instead!

Sometimes, you’re Dwight, other times you’re Jim. Here’s for the times you’re Jim. Be sure to put the browser window into full screen before clicking on the site.

No arm, no problem