Freely explore 3D game maps and more – This Geek in Review for 7 Feb 2020

Playing 3D games are fun, but what if you want to explore the map. Usually, the game doesn’t give you a chance freely explore (Grand Theft Auto not included). But, there is now a genius website Noclip. The interface is a little confusing. To get started, select a game and then a level of the game. The game list viewer still shows, to get rid of it, click the red bar. Now you can freely explore the game using the mouse and WASD keys.

I’ve already raved about Star Trek: Picard, and now CBS has put the first episode of Picard online for a limited time.

Before you need to make small talk, be sure to memorize some of these little known but obvious facts.

One of my favorites:

byu/TikiTC from discussion

From the things we didn’t need department, Snapchat is releasing a Bitmoji TV Show.

Virtua Racing was one of the first 3D racing games, and Pico-8 is a virtual game console that is used to make games that look 8 bit. Now we have a madman who has created Virtua Racing Demake on the Pico-8 that you can play online.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and China has completed the construction of a 1,000 bed hospital in eight days due to the coronavirus. That number is impressive, but it’s not the fastest they’ve done it.

Adobe Flash is dead come December, which means there are a ton of online games that will no longer be available. Archivists in Australia have worked to save over 36,000 Flash games that are playable offline. The question that has arises is if the games will still be playable after Flash goes offline. Since I still run my Atari 800XL, I’m sure they will be.

This past week was February 2nd, 2020, which could be written as 02/02/2020. The date is the same backwards and forward, and the same whether you put the month first (US) or second (Europe). Look how great it is: