Retro electronics for your TV show and Movie – This Geek in Review for 29 Mar 2019

If you know me, you know I like the 80s. Especially, I like retro electronics. Some may call them antiques, but that word conjures up memories of old lamps and davenports at my grandparents’ houses. Here’s a cool place where TV Shows and Movies get the retro electronics they need.

Whenever I use an emoji instead of typing a response, a little piece of me dies inside. It’s embarrassing to take the easy way out, instead of drafting a witty response, I’ll send a thumbs up. I believe this is how cavemen communicated. Every year picking the right emoji gets easier because new emojis are being added, and 2019 is no exception. Be prepared to start seeing mechanical arms, hearing aids, and wheelchairs.

Our local Family Video closed a couple a months ago, an harbinger of things to come, and now the second to last Blockbuster in the world is closing. There can only be one.

Here’s the story of someone on a higher level than Macgyver, an electrician who converted his wrecked car into a motorbike in the desert and then drove it to civilization.

Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for best editing, but should it have?

And speaking of editing, here’s a look at how editing saved Star Wars:

Now I know why old people complain of people doing stupid things, because here is the story of a company that injects young blood as a fountain of youth cure. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work.

Someone is a Matthew Broderick fan.

I never knew a ukulele could shred.