Going viral before going viral was a thing – This Geek in Review for 1 Feb 2019

In the beginning of the internet, there was the dancing baby and Crazy Frog. But there was also The Hampster Dance. Here is the history of the iconic song and website. I had no idea that the song came from a Disney movie!

Anything that makes money is going to invite a criminal element, including Fortnite.

Subscribe to this Youtube channel, it’s a crime that he doesn’t have more subscribers!

In my travels, I happened up the command line app that shows a random dad joke in the terminal. The script accesses icanhazdadjoke, which is a rare internet gem. Unfortunately, the terminal script is cumbersome to pull up when I’m on my phone, so I created a shortcut for iPhone users. In the settings you can add the shortcut to your widgets. I will now be king at any kids birthday party, bar mitzvah, or wedding!

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the easiest ways for you to be faster at technology, although even I wouldn’t go to this extreme.

Are you looking for investment opportunities? Maybe you should check out your local Lego store.

This is both creepy and scary at the same time. You’ll never be able to trust a video again.

This video is pretty close to the mark on my fascination with retro tech: