Telling time – This Geek in Review for 4 Jan 2019

In the beginning, we had analog clocks and we liked them. Learning what the big hand and little hand represents was a huge accomplishment when we were 6. Later came digital clocks, which took a lot of the fun away from learning to tell time. For a time, I was using a binary clock. It was a lot of fun, but I dropped it and broke it. Now, the clock I want is an Albert Clock. Forget about doing binary math, this clock makes you solve all sorts of problems! The Albert Clock has different levels of difficulty, plus an Android and iOS version. Think Geek has it for $149.99 right now. I could not find a computer or web version of the clock, if you know of one, let me know!

This is what happens when you steal something off of the porch of a former NASA engineer. The video originally had two incidents that were faked, so he edited those portions out of the video.

I’m a sucker for anything 80s, and a giant boombox fits that bill:

Jeri Ellsworth is an awesome engineer, and her latest project combines a the sound chip from a C64 and a guitar:

SimCity was huge during the 90s, and lost version for the NES has been recovered. And speaking of classic games, Rich Whitehouse has created DOOMBA. What is DOOMBA you may ask? It is software that takes your Roomba’s map of your house and creates a level of Doom for you to play. The final classic game I’m going to discuss today is Lemmings, which is now available on mobile devices. It’s available, but you’ll probably not want to play.

Did you know you can order crickets over the internet? And do you know what can happen if you’re not prepared for the crickets when they get to your house? Well, now you know.