The 911 Christmas Present edition – This Geek in Review for 28 Dec 2018

Sometimes, even seven year olds can teach adults a thing or two, especially when it comes to getting clothes at Christmas. In Ontario, a seven year old called 911 after getting snow pants for Christmas.

Every year, the city of Gavle, Sweden erects the world’s largest straw goat for Christmas, and then spends the rest of the season protecting it from vandals and drunks. For the last 51 years it has only survived 15 times, so here’s hoping for the best this year. There is a live webcam available, so far, so good!

Every booby trap in Home Alone, in Flipbook form:

Some confused parents with their gift of a portrait of Obi Wan Kenobi. And to continue odd Christmas items that exist, how about a twerking, Alexa enabled bear, Christmas bear, and Santa.

If you were wondering why I’ve been getting turned off about social media such as Facebook, articles that suggest 60% of internet traffic is fake is one of the factors. If you share something on Facebook, there is a good chance that what you are sharing is fake and not real. If you are reading this, how do you know it’s real? You’ll just have to take my word for it. A Facebook bug giving access to private photos doesn’t help, but if you are uploading photos you want to keep private to Facebook, you’ve got other problems. Facebook also gave Microsoft’s Bing search engine access to everyone’s Friends list, and gave Netflix and Spotify access to everyone’s private messenger conversations

Check out Wired’s video profile of the creator of the Hoberman Sphere:

The shoes we’ve been waiting for since may finally become reality in 2019.