Goz reviews The Grinch

For the first time since July I finally made it to the movies, and The Grinch is a lot different from Skyscraper. One has The Rock, while the other has Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Grinch channeling his inner Roz.

The Grinch, which also stars two American treasures, Keenan Thompson and Rashida Jones, is a cute, short (86 minutes) movie with no new surprises. If you’ve seen the TV special, there won’t be anything new here. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to find out that the Grinch was Cindy Lou Who’s father, but it would have been interesting to see something new that we haven’t seen before. And I want some explanation on why the Grinch is the only one in town who is green.

Anyone under the age of 9 will love the movie, anyone older? It’s hit or miss. The Grinch’s gadgets were awesome, they were some of the best scenes for me. The animation was also gorgeous, although the heavy use of soft focus made some scenes hard to watch. You were constantly battling what the director wanted you to see and what you wanted to see.

All in all, I give the movie 5 out of 6.5 stars.