My notes from #neotech2014

Cooking Up Creative Student Presentations

  • Using stop motion video to show DNA replication.
  • Instead of the book report, use Prezi for Book Talks
  • Google Sketchup – Map out the island from Lord of the Flies.
  • Aurasma – Augmented reality connected to the physical world.
  • Student TED Talks. Student as the expert, demonstrate passion.
  • YouTube channel for TED youth videos. All presenters under 21.
  • Using Minecraft to model places from their studies.
  • @StacyHaw: @mr_rcollins @hammanmath had her #blendedlearning Ss do TED or Ignite talks for their capstone. It was AMAZING!
  • Symbaloo – next generation webquests. Students curate resources.
  • @StacyHaw: Just subscribed to TEDxYouth Over 4000 videos
  • Create a website for the portfolio. They’re using Google Sites, I like WordPress. πŸ™‚
  • Animoto for presentations. Limited to 30 seconds for free. @sixthKMS this could be something for your commercials.
  • Screencasting. Screencast-o-matic for 15 mins. TechSmith Snagit for Chrome. (There is also Screencastify for Chromebooks)
  • – Video comics
  • Lucid Press – Desktop Publishing for the 21st century. Create online and offline documents.
  • Socrative and Kahoot for exit slips, formative assessments, etc.
  • Bonus resources: Common Craft Videos, BitStrips, Magisto (like Animoto)


  • @daniellebezik: Teach out of your comfort zone, Ss learn more when T is also learning
  • @StacyHaw: Having a trust relationship is at the center of authentic collaboration

Other sites

Creating 21st century assignments: autonomous, mas tery learning

  • At the heart of everything is empathy.
  • Spends 1st ~4 weeks on building legacy, very little content. Build relationships.
  • Students move at their own pace toward mastery through autonomy. “Change your philosophy first”
  • “We strive to inspire, not motivate. What is your legacy?”
  • Presentation link
  • “The world you grew up in does not exist and will never again exist” – @ProfessorMike1 @GarthHolman
  • Require a blog for students. They must publish.
  • “Blogs aren’t graded. Once you start grading creative writing, students write what they think you want to read.”
  • “Totally differentiated classroom everyday for every student.”
  • Team taught 30 miles away. Posted Skype conversations. 20% students in Chardon don’t have Internet access.
  • Sites to check out Diigo and Quizstar.
  • “Teach kids how to differentiate for themselves. Technology makes it possible.”
  • Instagrok – search tool for students.
  • “High school students share resources with 7th graders”
  • “We’re killing kids with worksheets. They’re capable of so much more.”

Tech skills 4 the next generation of assessments”

  • Started with a Google Doc, going through the standards.
  • ELA Common Core code Pulled out anchor standards with technology. Tech may apply to only some grade levels.
  • Technology Skills Checklist for Online Assessments
  • Once they broke down the standards, looked at tools to support. Most of the statements don’t reference technology.
  • Geography used specific technologies the most.
  • PARCC is only the assessment, Common Core is the standards.

Using iBooks Author To Write & Publish Student Work

  • Kids don’t see the value in writing for one.
  • No sense of contribution to society
  • They are not leaving behind a legacy
  • Developed the idea, all students wrote a chapter one, then collaborated on which parts will be included in the final book.
  • Let Ss write about what the Ss are struggling with
  • Math Our Way, math textbook written by 6th graders.
  • Other books
    • It was a dark and stormy classroom
    • Canterbury Remixed
    • May we suggest…?
  • Worked with the speed pathologist and some autistic students to write Social Skills Volume I Became the stars.
  • 19 books published in the last two years. ~22,000 downloads.
  • In 48+ countries
  • It’s more than the downloads, motivation
  • Get permission slips/media release form/etc
  • Wants more student and teacher created ebooks
  • Final Thoughts
    • Kids need to be creating
    • Share!
    • Sense of community
    • Rushton Hurley