My notes from Beaver Local #bltlap and Learn 21 Conference #l21conf

Here is a list of links and sites I have collected from the Beaver
Local Teach Like a Pirate Waiver Day and the Learn 21 Conference. In the
near future I’m hoping to have time to elaborate on these resources and
how they may be used.

Personalized Yearbooks

TreeRing | Create Personalized Yearbooks

This is what the 21st century is all about. Students order their
yearbooks, but can also customize their yearbook with their own

Student created eBooks

Class eBooks

Face it. You’ll never be as entertaining as a video game. Now what? #L21Conf

  • Video games follow Dan Pink’s Drive (what motivates us). Master, autonomy, and purpose
  • Richard Bartle, Bartle’s player types 1996
  • Achiever (grades, extra credit, points) easiest to teach to. Dangle the carrot. ♦️
  • Explorer (what to learn, first to discover, know something others don’t know) Don’t care about grades. ♣️
  • Socializer (want to be everybody’s friend, organizer, interaction) ♥️
  • Renamed to Dominator (wants to win, beat everyone around them. Grades aren’t important. Competitive). ♣️
  • Candy Crush Education
  • Gamification in Khan Academy. More than just videos.
  • Kahoot polling with any device.
  • Student created math tutorials.
  • Bartle’s test (need to watch out in school because of the name of the Dominator type.
  • “The gamification of Learning and Instruction” and “Don’t bother me mom — I’m learning!”
  • Presentation link
  • Similar to Khan, higher quality videos

l21conf Keynote

  • Maturana’s school, half the grade was based in the quality of questions he asked.
  • Brittany Wenger
  • “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out…” Randy Pausch
  • “No consequences, being an enabler. Take ownership of your learning.”
  • Eesha Khare creates super capacitor

Infohio coding event on April 5th.

Web apps & Extensions for Schools with @ericcurts

Yes, you can blend

Show me the evidence: Applying web based resources to the OTES model

Follow Saturday from #l21conf