Record every class I teach? Are you crazy? #oetc14

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  • Why record your classes?
    • Originally only recorded when kids are missing, now record all
    • For when you are out
    • Most subs can follow directions
    • Remediation
    • Different examples from different classes, post multiple recordings
    • Differentiation
  • National Trail Moodle
  • If you don’t have an LMS, make a new calendar for your class and add each class as an event, linking to the video
  • Makes you a better teacher, you’re teaching to the world
  • Blended learning
  • What do you need
    • projector and interactive whiteboard
    • microphone
    • YouTube or some place to save videos
    • LMS
    • blue microphone. Mounted in most
    • other microphone options didn’t work
  • Ready to record?
    • you will have classes you don’t want to upload, then don’t upload it
    • you will make mistakes
  • Don’t use SMART default recording options
    • Use avi as default video format
  • everything is uploaded the day of
  • Long term change in routine
  • whole repository for future
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