How to differentiate using Screencasting in a flipped classroom! #oetc14

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  • Usually used at the high school
  • Equipment
    • iOS, PC, Mac, etc.
    • Microphone
    • Topic: script or keywords
    • Media
  • Options to record
    • Screencast-o-Mac
    • Jing
    • Screenr
    • EduCanon
    • Educreations
    • Teach by Knowmia
    • Camtasia ($)
    • Snag it ($)
  • Combining technology
    • Younger students, watch videos at school while teacher works with other students
    • different types of media: pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Put the video on an iPad, place the iPad at the back of the room
  • students create own screencasts
  • distribution
    • Twitter, shortened links, qr codes, LMS

MS examples

  • 8-12 min
  • Paper and pencil only
  • Put little secrets into the audio that the student needs to know so you can verify they watched.
  • Help when students are absent
  • Homework is not a grade; it’s a behavior.
  • Students lost lunch with their friends if they hadn’t watched videos
  • Be consistant
  • Short 3-6 question formative assessment
  • Put into one of three groups based on assessment: relearn, practice, enrich
  • “I want to know what they know right now”
  • Asked principal to co-teach by having all the students with IEPs in the grade level
  • Or use centers
  • Or team with another classroom

Differentiated assessments

  • same standards, different levels
  • Every page is a different standard
  • five levels of questions
  • low: 1-3, middle: 2-4, high: 3-5
  • “The definition of teaching is to ensure learning.” Jim Connell
  • Don’t let students off the hook, 81% on a test means they don’t know 19%
  • students like to hear their own teacher’s voice. Can be tailored to their needs
  • Very good for students on IEPs, able to watch at their pace
  • Good for parents

What would I do different?

  • embed video in Google form for easy formative assessment
  • Sophia – create lessons/tutorials
  • Complete Chrome lesson, get a free tshirt
  • Flipped classroom and ipad certification available


  • stick with it. There is a learning curve for everyone
  • Create a system that works for you and your students when they don’t do it


  • Teachers have started at the high school
  • satisfaction, doing the right thing every day
  • more time in class to teach and troubleshoot
  • Actually took less time