T3 – June 20, 2013 – Stop using should

The Problem with “Should”

Jon Spencer lays out the problems with using should.

See, the problem with “should” is that it places all of teaching into rigid, binary, either/or, right/wrong boxes. It takes away the individuality, the autonomy, the creativity and the contextual knowledge required to teach well.

Why you SHOULD stop saying SHOULD

Julia Suppa lists Why you SHOULD stop saying SHOULD.

You get my point. Should is really a useless word – it implies that there’s a better way to do something, and you’re not doing it. It also places blame – either on yourself or on someone else.

Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Should’

Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Should’

It puts the focus on what you’re not doing instead of all the things you are doing. Not recognizing your successes and achievements keeps you on quest to fulfill impossible standards.