Thursday 3 for May 16, 2013

I read about Forecast on Macdrifter. This isn’t your everyday weather site. A couple of things make it unique. On the main website there is a time machine button, which allows you to look at what the weather was in the past. The other neat feature is that if you visit it from an iOS device, it asks you to install it as an HTML5 app. Nice, functional and free.


An oldie but a goodie, If This Then That – IFTTT lets you automate web services. For example, I use the Pocket read it later service. I also want to keep a copy of anything sent to Pocket just in case something happens to Pocket, so I have an IFTTT recipe that saves to Dropbox anything that I Pocket.

f.lux – Better lighting… for your computer

f.lux changes the whiteness of your computer after sunset, giving it a yellowish hue. This is more pleasing to the eye in the dark and could help you sleep. Availble for Mac, Windows, Linux and jailbroken iOS devices.