First impressions of the new iPad (from an iPad 1 user)


I’ve had the new iPad for 24 hours, and it has already ruined me for all
other displays. I noticed it yesterday, as I was working on my 24″
1920×1080 monitor at school. It just looks bad after using the new iPad.

As an upgrade to the iPad 1, the new iPad is a no brainer upgrade. The
speed is amazing, but it’s the display that is the future. I don’t even
want to use my 11″ Air anymore.

You can read more in-depth reviews from around the web, so I’m going to
try to pull out the little bits that may not be covered but I feel are

  • The #1 feature is the display, 2058×1536 in a 9.7″ package is just
    amazing. This is the highest resolution screen I’ve ever used, and
    text looks as good as e-ink on it.
  • Speed of the device is a substantial improvement over the iPad 1 or
    iPhone 4. I haven’t used the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S enough to
    compare the two.
  • iPhone/iPod Touch apps at 2x use retina resolutions for the devices,
    giving the apps a more pleasant display. If you are running an iPad
    that is already jailbroke, there are apps to allow you to do this
    with the older devices.
  • I’m using my ZAGG/mate bluetooth keyboard from my iPad 1 on it. The
    new iPad is very loose in the keyboard case, but it’s useable.

If you’re still rocking an iPad 1, it’s pretty much a no brainer to
upgrade. The decision from an iPad 2 is better left for others to help
you decide.

By the way, the Apple Store online has refurbished iPad 1s for \$299
right now.