The Wingstand: a stand for your iPhone or iPad and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the first accessories I purchased with the original iPad was the
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. I had grand plans of replacing my laptop with
the iPad. That didn’t happen, Apple introduced the MacBook Air and I was
hooked, but I still held onto the BT keyboard.

Lately, I’ve been using it with my iPhone when I’m out and don’t have
access to wifi. It works ok, but I was getting tired of constantly
moving the iPhone, trying to get it in a good place to use it with the
keyboard. I started looking online for solutions, since there were a ton
of iPad cases with BT keyboards, I was hoping there would be something
for the iPhone. It was then I stumbled across the Wingstand.
Consisting of two pieces of plastic, it can be used with or without the
BT keyboard to prop up your phone or tablet. It’s not Apple specific. At
\$14.95 shipped it seems a little pricey for a couple pieces of plastic,
but it is made here in the USA and it does work really well. I’m typing
this post with my BT keyboard and using the iPhone (unfortunately I have
to use the iPhone in the portrait orientation since the WordPress app
doesn’t appear to switch to landscape). My original iPad fits with the
Apple case on, and so does my HP Touchpad.

If you are going to use an external keyboard with your iPhone or iPad,
this might be an inexpensive way to work. Let me know if there are any
other solutions I’ve missed in the comments!