My Apple Event predictions

Tomorrow Apple is holding an event to announce new products for the Mac.
What will be announced is anyone’s guess, but here’s what my intuition
is telling me:

  1. A new MacBook Air is pretty much a given. The rumors are pretty
    strong that there will be an 11.6″ and 13.3″ Macbook Air, and that
    they’ll be more affordable than the current Air. I’m hoping there is
    an 11.6″ because I’m ready to upgrade my original MacBook! 
  2. New MacBook Pros. This is something I haven’t read anywhere, but I’m
    pretty sure it’s going to happen. Why? I ordered two for the school
     district on October 8th with a shipping time of 3-5 days. A week
    later I received a notification that they would ship between Oct.
    21-26. Notice the first day is the day after the Apple Event. And
    now today I received notification that they will not ship until Dec.

    1. Apple must have something planned for the MacBook Pros, and
      originally thought they would be able to ship them on the 21st, but
      something happened and they’re planning on shipping them 6 weeks
  3. OS X 10.7
  4. iLife ’11
  5. Mac App Store – Apple added the ability to sign applications in OS X
    10.5 Leopard, and with the success of the iOS App Store will create
    an App store for the Mac. Unfortunately it will still go through
    iTunes, because for some reason everything has to go through iTunes
    with Apple.

Anything I missed that you want to see Apple unveil?