Free access to Encyclopedia Britannica articles

Encyclopedia Britannica, through their Encyclopedia Britannica
program allows web publishers free online access to the
encyclopedia and the ability to give their readers free access to an
article in its entirety.

A special program for web publishers, including bloggers, webmasters,
and anyone who writes for the Internet. You get complimentary access
to the Encyclopaedia Britannica online and, if you like, an easy way
to give your readers background of the topics you write about with
links to complete Britannica articles.

I don’t see anything in the FAQ about limiting access to educational
institutions, but they do check any who is applying to see if they
really have a blog and publish regularly (left up to them whether you

This free access is in no doubt related to the popularity of Wikipedia
(for every page view on EB online, 184 pages are viewed on Wikipedia). I
applaud their effort to stay relevant and to offer this ability to
Internet users.

And what a great motivational tool to get teachers blogging!