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If you manage any WordPress sites you owe it to yourself to learn how to use wp-cli.

I was able to easily switch a WP site’s address with three commands.

Good bye WordPress, hello Pelican

This website has undergone various transformations over the last 10 years. Looking back at the first incarnations from 2003 shows a site that reminds me a lot of current day Facebook and Twitter. An example of my words of wisdom from 2003: And tonight marks the end of a great TV series that it seemed like nobody was watching. Buffy… Read more →

Speed up your website and get IPv6 compatibility for free!

Prerequisites This is going to be a pretty high tech article, but the benefits outweigh the work that it requires. I’m going to talk about using cloudflare.com to cache your website and offer IPv6 compatibility. For this to work you have to be using your own domain name and have access to change the namerservers for your domain. If you… Read more →

I’ve been hacked and you can learn from my mistakes. :-)

Hacked! Yes, I let my WordPress installation rot. And it’s entirely my fault. Wordpress makes it so easy to keep it up to date now that there is no excuse, so I do accept full responsibility! I’m lucky in the fact that all the hacker did was rewrite my .htaccess file to redirect visitors to a malware hosted site. After… Read more →