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Beaver Local waiver day #bltlap

On Wednesday I had the distinct pleasure of attending Beaver Local’s professional development waiver day. It was a twofer for me, I not only got a chance to see how they ran their waiver day PD, but I also had the chance to present and converse with the staff in the district. This was invaluable to me, and I was… Read more →

Teach Like a Hacker presentation at #oetc14

I’m finally getting a chance to post my presentation and supplemental materials from the OETC14 conference! Presentation Link “Ryan is a hottie” .mp3 “Ryan is a hottie” .m4r Backchannel log And you know, for all the flack I get about trying to promote IRC, the back channel log is the most dialogue I’ve ever seen happen in a session! πŸ™‚ Read more →

Learn HTML with Mozilla Thimble

Although learning html has fallen out of fashion in recent years, I believe it is a skill that is important to know. Even if you’ll never be a professional web developer, there are times when knowing a little html is beneficial. Today I stumbled across Mozilla Thimble. It allows you to write html online in the left pain and immediately… Read more →

#OhioITSCO Leadership Symposium – Teach Like a Hacker

Why hack? Teach like a hacker is the epitome of “work smarter, not harder”. Figure out clever solutions to tough problems. Coding Using functions in spreadsheets (Managing your class list in a spreadsheet) Codecademy (Check out the courses on Ruby and Python) Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share Interactive fiction inkle Β» inklewriter Home : Inform Examples in the classroom Math… Read more →

#tlah Managing your class list in a spreadsheet, part 2

When we last visited our spread sheet, we used formulas to cut apart a list of names in our class that resulted in the following spreadsheet: Today, we will learn some more programming techniques in our quest to create another column in our spreadsheet which would have the students full name in the format Firstname Lastname. To create this full… Read more →

Command line tool for Twitter

sferik/t Β· GitHub A command-line power tool for Twitter. The CLI takes syntactic cues from the Twitter SMS commands, however it offers vastly more commands and capabilities than are available via SMS. I have been using TTYtter: an interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client and Perl platform (whew!) but t looks like it could be a pretty powerful tool in… Read more →

#tlah Pancake hacking

Last night we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express which offers a continental breakfast. My 9 year old daughter was fascinated with the automatic pancake maker. Simple as can be, press OK and less than a minute later a pancake pops out. I was curious. What if I wanted more than one? As the maker worked its magic, I noticed… Read more →