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“So, what do you want to learn?”

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses: School had never been challenging for her. She sat in rows with the other students while teachers told the kids what they needed to know. It wasn’t hard to repeat it back, and she got good grades without thinking too much. As she headed into fifth grade, she… Read more →

T3 June 6,2013 – Quitting, the box, and a font

In Pursuit of Happiness First up is an impassioned teacher’s resignation video. Her speech won’t be a revelation for teachers. I’m posting it for those out there who feel the same way, You’re not alone. One fascinating aspect of watching this on Youtube is the number of I quit videos from other teachers listed in the What’s related section. Embrace… Read more →

Top ten skills needed to succeed as a teacher (and technology)

[![when asked whether or not they would continue with the technologies they learned this semester, DMP students had this to say][]][] [![Creative Commons License][]][] [photo][] credit: [davidsilver][] This article started out as the top ten skills needed to use technology effectively, but as I wrote the list, I realized that technology shouldn’t be separated out. As we proclaim that technology… Read more →