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Fixing my .taskpaper reset alias for bash

There was a little problem with my alias to reset a .taskpaper list by removing all of the @dones. It didn’t remove any spaces before the @done, so each line would gain a space every day. This fixes it: alias rst="sed -i '' 's/ *@done\(.*\)//g'" Now it removes one or more spaces that could be before @done. Read more →

Working with Taskpaper files in vim

I’ve been experimenting with Taskpaper for lists over the last couple of weeks, and really like the flexibility. All of my lists are stored as text files in Dropbox, which makes it easy to use/update lists from anything or anywhere. On my iPhone I use Drafts to quickly add to the task lists and Editorial to work with the tasks.… Read more →

Resetting a daily taskpaper list

I have a couple daily taskpaper lists that by the end of the have an @done on each line and I need to reset it for the next day. Instead of trying to do a search and replace everyday, I added a bash alias to .bash_profile (or .bashrc): alias rst="sed -i '' 's/@done\(.*\)//g'" The extra ” after the -i is… Read more →

Resetting a .taskpaper file

I use a couple of .taskpaper files for checklists of things that need to be done every day. In it, after a task is completed the task gets an @done tag added. But the next day I want to start fresh. I could do a find/replace, but sed at the command line works better: alias rst="sed -i 's/@done\(.*\)//'" Adding the… Read more →