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Keybase offers encrypted storage, encrypted instant messaging, teams support, and web hosting

More and more of life leaves bits of digital information about us on numerous devices and services. This may include cloud services. Keybase is a service I’ve been checking out as way to securely save and share information, encrypted. Sell it to me Goz Keybase provides messaging services, cloud storage, and team messaging services, along with encryption to support everything.… Read more →

Creating passwords

From time to time, we all need to create a password. As a consequence of being human, we have a habit of picking really crappy passwords. Here are a couple of ways to generate passwords that should be more secure. pwgen You can use pwgen in Windows, OS X (install through Homebrew or MacPorts, or Linux. It is also available… Read more →

OS X not saving passwords?

About a month ago I noticed that passwords weren’t being saved in apps in OS X like Safari, Omniweb, etc. I didn’t bother trying to figure out the problem, until today when I would go to a site in Safari and it would ask to save the password. I said yes everytime, but it still didn’t save it. Finally I… Read more →

Beware of that Firewire port!

There is a new technique that allows an attacker to unlock a Windows machine or login without a password. This vulnerability also affects OS X. Right now the hack currently requires a Linux laptop, but it could conceivably make its way to modified iPods. To protect yourself you’ll need to disable Firewire in your PC BIOS, or on the Mac… Read more →