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Creating passwords

From time to time, we all need to create a password. As a consequence of being human, we have a habit of picking really crappy passwords. Here are a couple of ways to generate passwords that should be more secure. pwgen You can use pwgen in Windows, OS X (install through Homebrew or MacPorts, or Linux. It is also available… Read more →

OS X not saving passwords?

About a month ago I noticed that passwords weren’t being saved in apps in OS X like Safari, Omniweb, etc. I didn’t bother trying to figure out the problem, until today when I would go to a site in Safari and it would ask to save the password. I said yes everytime, but it still didn’t save it. Finally I… Read more →

Beware of that Firewire port!

There is a new technique that allows an attacker to unlock a Windows machine or login without a password. This vulnerability also affects OS X. Right now the hack currently requires a Linux laptop, but it could conceivably make its way to modified iPods. To protect yourself you’ll need to disable Firewire in your PC BIOS, or on the Mac… Read more →