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Blocking ads on your home network

You’re home, and you’re thinking of projects to do. What about setting up your home network to block ads? What is ad blocking? You may have used an extension in your browser to block ads, but when you block them on your network, you don’t have to configure each device. It’s not without it’s faults, some things will stop working.… Read more →

Set your Raspberry Pi up for Wifi roaming

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi 2 just sitting around for several months, waiting for a purpose. Since I haven’t come up with a purpose, I decided to make it a portable headless Linux box that will travel with me, connect to Wifi automatically, and eventually, hopefully, set it up as a Piratebox. First things first, lets get it connecting. It… Read more →

The little computer that could

Raspberry Pi: one million units made in Britain landmark passed The Raspberry Pi started life as an idea to bring computing in schools back to the era of the BBC Micro in the early 1980s, which inspired children to learn how a computer worked and allowed them to discover what was possible through learning to code. “What was needed was… Read more →