Sun 04 September 2011

Formatting for the printed page is dead

The PrintShop

In the mid 80's it seemed like the second most used program for the Apple II was Broderbund's The PrintShop, right after that pirated copy of AppleWorks. For the first time, users could create posters, cards, etc. all with fancy fonts and clip arts. As word processors and …

Wed 19 January 2011

Checking out Android

As I prepare for my eTech 2011 presentation, An iPad, Kindle, and iPod Touch walked into a classroom..., I decided that it would be beneficial to plan on questions about Android, Android Tablets, and how they may work in schools. The Consumer Electronics Show was held this past week, and …

Wed 07 April 2010

iPad initial impressions

There are enough other reviews on the web about the iPad, so I'm going to focus on my experiences and how I've begun to use the iPad in my home life and how it may be used in education.

The purchase:
I reserved my ipad the day they opened reservations …