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Has Apple lost it?

Apple announced the iPhone 5 today and updates to the iPod line. Most of the announcements were lackluster at best, but the event laid the groundwork for the rumored iPad mini event in October, which could be even more disastrous than the iPhone 5 event today. The iPhone 5 is a nice upgrade, thinner and lighter, but at the same… Read more →

Look out, there’s a new tablet in town and it’s HOT!

Announcing the Kindle Fire Amazon announced a few new Kindles today, the most important, in my mind, is the Kindle Fire. It is a 7″ tablet running a specialized version of Android. The shocker was the price, \$199. With todays announcement, every school district that is looking at mobile devices will need to take a pause and examine what the… Read more →

The $99 mobile Internet Device

Nvidia Plans To Power \$99 Mobile Internet Devices Nvidia has announced that it plans to power \$99 mobile internet devices with its Tegra 600 series chips, perhaps as early as this summer. If they can get an Android version released at \$99 that is something that could be a game changer in education. Although I’m a big fan of the… Read more →