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Pythonista, programming on your iPhone and iPad

Let me show you something that will make you feel young as when the world was new. — Dr. Carol Marcus I feel like a teenager again while playing around with Pythonista (Universal, $6.99), an app for iOS allows you to program in python directly on the device. It reminds me a lot about when I was learning to program… Read more →

Linux for 1:1 instead of Chromebooks or iPads

(This post is basically me thinking out loud…) Like many districts, my district is looking at devices for a 1:1 program. The top three devices seem to be Chromebooks, iPads, Windows or OS X laptops. Costs are the main driving factor for a lot of districts, which basically means they are choosing between Chromebooks or iPads. While these devices have… Read more →

Has Apple lost it?

Apple announced the iPhone 5 today and updates to the iPod line. Most of the announcements were lackluster at best, but the event laid the groundwork for the rumored iPad mini event in October, which could be even more disastrous than the iPhone 5 event today. The iPhone 5 is a nice upgrade, thinner and lighter, but at the same… Read more →

iPad initial impressions

There are enough other reviews on the web about the iPad, so I’m going to focus on my experiences and how I’ve begun to use the iPad in my home life and how it may be used in education. The purchase I reserved my ipad the day they opened reservations on line so I would be guaranteed to pick one… Read more →

The iPad has landed

Braving almost 70? weather I arrived at the Easton Apple store at 7:40 am to pick up my reserved 32gb iPad. I’ll have a longer review later, but I’m currently typing this blog post while using the WordPress app and sitting in Cos?. So far, So cool. Read more →