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12 ways to use Google Drive in education

12 Effective Ways To Use Google Drive In Education …I stumbled across a fabulous new visual guide put together by Susan Oxnevad on Glogster. In the graphic, she showcases a dozen different ways to easily and effectively integrate Google Drive into your classroom. Read more →

Google Forms add features

Google updates Forms with progress bars, data validation, embedded YouTube videos, and custom messages Google today announced four new tools for building surveys with Google Forms. You can now display progress bars, set up data validation, embed YouTube videos, and post custom messages when your form is closed. Data validation is a feature I’ve been waiting on! Via: @mguhlin Read more →

Learn Python from Google

Google’s Python Lessons are Awesome: The lovably geeky Nick Parlante — a Google employee and CS lecturer at Stanford — has written some awesomely succinct tutorials that not only tell you how you can use Python, but also how you should use Python. This makes them a fantastic resource, regardless of whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been working with… Read more →

Using Google Drive with students

Google Drive Workflows to Use with Students When you’re wanting to use Google Docs/Drive with students, figuring out which workflow works best for you is one of the biggest challenges. How to access something I want students to turn in to me? How do I put a file out there for my students to have access to? I would add… Read more →

Ubiquitous opportunity

How To Use Real-Time Technology In 1:1 Classrooms A concern about 1:1 programs I sometimes hear (and that I once held myself) was that students will always be “plugged in” and connected to a device. What seems to be happening on 6 Lime, though, is not ubiquitous use of devices. Instead, it is ubiquitous opportunity. Each teacher on this team… Read more →

Quantum computing and Minecraft

Google Releases qCraft Mod For Minecraft So Kids Can Explore Quantum Computing Google recognizes the potential here well, and wanted to add quantum physics into the mix. Thus, the ‘qCraft’ mod was born, one that adds new blocks that add an entirely new mechanic to the game, such as quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency. The company admits that this… Read more →

Let me look that up

Back in June I road in the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA). It consists of a series of 45-6o mile bike rides over the course of a week. During our numerous downtimes, I was having a discussion with my uncle about robots and automated drivers. As we were talking, there was a point I wanted to make but I couldn’t… Read more →

Ohio Goes Google conference notes #ohiogoesgoogle

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending my first Ohio Goes Google Conference presented by ITIP Ohio. The sessions I attended were very informative, I picked up quite a few different tips and ideas. (I’ll emphasize my thoughts like this.) Keynote speaker – Jennie Magiera @msmagiera Google Moderator The Google Tool that nobody uses was big. Jennie Magiera talked… Read more →