Sun 06 December 2009

It feels like the 50s with all this Chrome

Although Firefox has been my default browser for several years, every so often I try out alternative browsers. A couple of weeks ago I started to use Chromium (developer builds of Google's Chrome browser) for OS X and it has now become my default browser.

Google has an obsession with …

Tue 17 June 2008

Firefox 3.0 to be released at 10 PDT (1:00pm for those on the east coast)

Go and download it! (At the proper time, of course. :-) )

Wed 23 April 2008

Maybe, finally, found the perfect blog editor

Although the built-in editor for Wordpress works pretty well, it still feels a little bit kludgy. If I'm on my MacBook I like to use Windows Live Writer or Textmate, but Windows Live Writer requires me to fire up VMware and Textmate seems to also be a little kludgy.

I've …