Mon 02 September 2013

Updating Twitter and Facebook with blog updates

Now that I've switched from Wordpress to Pelican I'm face with the dilemma on how to update Twitter and Facebook when I post to my blog. In Wordpress I used the Social Plugin by MailChimp to automatically post, but plugins are not an option with a static website.

But as …

Mon 01 March 2010 bookmarklet for multiple accounts

Since doesn't allow you to add multiple Twitter accounts to one account, I've resorted to have two accounts with them, one for my personal accounts (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) and one for my professional accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). To update my status for either account …

Sun 13 December 2009

Facebook's new privacy settings

[![Screen shot 2009-12-13 at 9.35.36 PM.png][]][] [![Creative Commons License][]][] [photo][] credit: [ekurvine][]

Facebook has begun rolling out new settings for who can see your Facebook profile and what they can see on your profile. I suggest you double-check what is viewable about you. I try to keep …