Sat 16 November 2013

Chrome split screen extension

Purely Paperless: Tech Tip Tuesday: Split Screen Chrome Extension writes:

One extension that I have been loving lately is the Split Screen extension. With Split Screen, you can view two different web pages simultaneously without have to toggle between two different tabs or constantly resize your screens. As a recovering …

Thu 29 August 2013

Suspend Chrome tabs with The Great Suspender

The newer versions of Firefox has a great feature where upon startup, web pages in tabs aren't activated until they are clicked on. It's really nice when you're restarting the browser with several tabs open. Unfortunately, Google Chrome doesn't offer this feature. As I was searching for something like this …

Tue 28 May 2013

Dictionary of numbers Chrome extension helps the understanding of large numbers

Dictionary of Numbers is a neat extension for Google's Chrome browser that gives you examples of large numbers in terms that could be easier to visualize. For example, it's easier to visualize 100M as the height of the Statue of Liberty than just as 100M.

via: Lifehacker