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Ubiquitous opportunity

How To Use Real-Time Technology In 1:1 Classrooms A concern about 1:1 programs I sometimes hear (and that I once held myself) was that students will always be “plugged in” and connected to a device. What seems to be happening on 6 Lime, though, is not ubiquitous use of devices. Instead, it is ubiquitous opportunity. Each teacher on this team… Read more →

iPads for all

A School’s iPad Initiative Brings Optimism And Skepticism One of California’s poorest school districts, the Coachella Valley Unified southeast of Los Angeles, is currently rolling out iPads to every student, pre-kindergarten through high school. It’s an ambitious effort that administrators and parents hope will transform how kids learn, boost achievement and narrow the digital divide with wealthier districts. But, as… Read more →

Solve BYOD consistency issues with VirtualBox

In my district we are currently planning our 1 to 1 program. We settled on 11.6″ laptops running Ubuntu as the device. The problem that has arisen is how to we ensure consistency with students who wish to bring their own laptop. If they were Chromebooks, the BYOD students could just run Chrome. But with the flexibility of Ubuntu comes… Read more →

The $99 mobile Internet Device

Nvidia Plans To Power \$99 Mobile Internet Devices Nvidia has announced that it plans to power \$99 mobile internet devices with its Tegra 600 series chips, perhaps as early as this summer. If they can get an Android version released at \$99 that is something that could be a game changer in education. Although I’m a big fan of the… Read more →