• Sat 30 January 2016

    autossh problems

    My Pi is doing a pretty good job on connecting to wifi when I travel between places. Unfortunately, my autossh job on the Pi is not working.

    I set up autossh to open up a reverse ssh tunnel to a known host, allowing me to always ssh to my Pi …

  • Fri 29 January 2016

    Finding your Pi on the network

    When you're playing around with the Raspberry Pi, there are multiple times when you won't have a screen attached to the Pi but you'll want the IP address to use with SSH. What I did was set up static IP addresses on my DHCP server (in this case the ASUS …

  • Thu 28 January 2016

    A bash script to check domain expirations

    I have a bad habit, and that's of buying domain names. I have about 20, with several different registrars. If I was smart, I would consolidate them under one registrar, but, even then, checking expirations on the domains is a pain. I usually have autorenew turned on, but I still …

  • Wed 27 January 2016

    Set your Raspberry Pi up for Wifi roaming

    I've had a Raspberry Pi 2 just sitting around for several months, waiting for a purpose. Since I haven't come up with a purpose, I decided to make it a portable headless Linux box that will travel with me, connect to Wifi automatically, and eventually, hopefully, set it up as …

  • Tue 26 January 2016

    Fixing my .taskpaper reset alias for bash

    There was a little problem with my alias to reset a .taskpaper list by removing all of the @dones. It didn't remove any spaces before the @done, so each line would gain a space every day. This fixes it:

    alias rst="sed -i '' 's/ *@done\(.*\)//g'"

    Now it removes one …

  • Mon 25 January 2016

    Switching terminals in tmux with ALT-numbers

    I'm a big tmux fan, switching from screen a few years ago. Lately, I've been working on ways to switch between terminals faster. Now I'm using the ALT (Option key actually) under OS X to switch between the different terminals. The switching starts with the backtick and goes across the …

  • Sun 24 January 2016

    Working with Taskpaper files in vim

    I've been experimenting with Taskpaper for lists over the last couple of weeks, and really like the flexibility. All of my lists are stored as text files in Dropbox, which makes it easy to use/update lists from anything or anywhere. On my iPhone I use Drafts to quickly add …

  • Sat 23 January 2016

    Using a Here Document with bash and MySQL

    This past week I worked on a bash script to create some input files from a MySQL database. My problem was trying to use multiple line MySQL statements, which was messing everything up. The solution was to use bash's Here Documents. It's a way to direct lines into a command …

  • Fri 22 January 2016

    Resetting a daily taskpaper list

    I have a couple daily taskpaper lists that by the end of the have an @done on each line and I need to reset it for the next day. Instead of trying to do a search and replace everyday, I added a bash alias to .bash_profile (or .bashrc):

    alias rst …

  • Thu 21 January 2016

    Saving bash shell history for multiple shells

    The history from the commands typed into bash are very useful from time to time, especially when I think "Oh, I'll remember that command next time I need it", and then I don't. The problem with bash's history are twofold:

    • It only saves history when the terminal exits cleanly, so …

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