Tue 22 April 2014

Teach like a hacker - Atari version from #neotech2014

I forgot to upload my presentation from the Neotech 2014 conference!

Wed 12 March 2014

Teach Like a Hacker presentation at #l21conf

Here is my presentation from the Learn 21 Conference today!

Fri 28 February 2014

Beaver Local waiver day #bltlap

On Wednesday I had the distinct pleasure of attending Beaver Local's professional development waiver day. It was a twofer for me, I not only got a chance to see how they ran their waiver day PD, but I also had the chance to present and converse with the staff in …

Tue 22 October 2013

#OhioITSCO Leadership Symposium - Teach Like a Hacker

Why hack?

Teach like a hacker is the epitome of "work smarter, not harder". Figure out clever solutions to tough problems.