Mon 08 February 2016

My conference checkist - 2016 edition

As I get ready for the Ohio Educational Technology Conference this week I though it would be a good idea to revisit my conference checklist.

1. Charge devices and battery packs

My devices I'm currently taking are a 2010 MacBook Pro, iPad Mini 3, and iPhone 6 Plus. I'd like …

Thu 04 February 2016

My blogging at vs

I've been struggling with my online identity and what I want to share. Too often I try to spread myself too thin, but if I'm not trying to learn it all I feel like I'm missing something. If you haven't noticed, I've taken a different route with and …

Tue 30 September 2014

There is no easy

I love how technologists love to brandish the term "ease of use" like it's some sort of badge of honor. Here's what I've found out, most people dislike being told "this is easy" when they are learning new technology. The irony is not lost on me, since if it was …

Fri 02 May 2014

Attending a conference? Here's my conference checklist #iPadSymposiumUA

This Saturday I will be presenting at the University of Akron's iPad Symposium. As I've attended numerous conferences throughout my professional career, I've started to realize I should create a to do list so I don't forget anything before a conference.

1. Charge my devices and battery packs

My usual …

Thu 06 February 2014

Noteable people from #oetc14

A quick script and I have a list of the people I interacted with on Twitter! I highly recommend following each and every one of person! (And if I missed you, let me know so I can update the list!)

@_AmyHansenAmy Hansen@StateImpactOH education reporter, as well as second …

Fri 31 January 2014

Teach Like a Hacker presentation at #oetc14

I'm finally getting a chance to post my presentation and supplemental materials from the OETC14 conference!

Presentation Link

"Ryan is a hottie" .mp3

"Ryan is a hottie" .m4r

Backchannel log

And you know, for all the flack I get about trying to promote IRC, the back channel log is the …

Wed 29 January 2014

How to differentiate using Screencasting in a flipped classroom! #oetc14

Presentation link


  • Usually used at the high school
  • Equipment
    • iOS, PC, Mac, etc.
    • Microphone
    • Topic: script or keywords
    • Media
  • Options to record
    • Screencast-o-Mac
    • Jing
    • Screenr
    • EduCanon
    • Educreations
    • Teach by Knowmia
    • Camtasia ($)
    • Snag it ($)
  • Combining technology
    • Younger students, watch videos at school while teacher works with other students
    • different types …

Wed 29 January 2014

Record every class I teach? Are you crazy? #oetc14

Presentation link

  • Why record your classes?
    • Originally only recorded when kids are missing, now record all
    • For when you are out
    • Most subs can follow directions
    • Remediation
    • Different examples from different classes, post multiple recordings
    • Differentiation
  • National Trail Moodle
  • If you don't have an LMS, make a new calendar for …

Mon 27 January 2014

2 nerds and 700 girls with Chromebook #oetc14

  • Double wrap
  • St. Joseph Academy
  • All girls catholic school
  • Four principals in 5 years
  • 5 year plan, limited tech use at the beginning
  • Helps to have Someone who is knowledgable and flexible.
  • Techretary
  • MCPc helped set it up
  • Analyzed current group of equipment reservations
  • Worked with Higher Ground to print …

Mon 27 January 2014

Kevin Honeycutt's Keynote #oetc14

  • Do you want to find the best teacher in a school? Find the one that's in trouble.
  • "I don't like laptops...I don't know what the kids in the back are doing"..."Well get up!"
  • "Why don't you give up? It's too late for them, teach the younger students. NO …

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