Tue 17 April 2012

Something about iPads


I've been thinking a lot lately about iPads, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, and Linux laptops. In planning the next 5 years of technology in my school district, I know it will be mobile, but what device should I be thinking about? And then I noticed something very curious about the iPad …

Sat 17 March 2012

First impressions of the new iPad (from an iPad 1 user)


I've had the new iPad for 24 hours, and it has already ruined me for all other displays. I noticed it yesterday, as I was working on my 24" 1920x1080 monitor at school. It just looks bad after using the new iPad.

As an upgrade to the iPad 1, the …

Mon 13 February 2012

Beyond Paperless


Slides: Beyond Paperless - eTech 2012(pdf)

Audio: Beyond Paperless - eTech 2012

[]: http://ryancollins.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/2012-02-13-at-10.19.33.jpg

Fri 13 January 2012

Can Insync dethrone Dropbox as a cloud storage service?

A couple of weeks ago I read a Techcrunch article about Insync. It is a service that works almost identically to Dropbox. Their differentiating feature is the fact that they use your Google Docs account for storage. A downside to this is that you only have 1GB of storage with …

Wed 30 November 2011

Beware of the echo chamber

As my school district was preparing for a building levy back in November (which did pass, yeah!!), I talked to community members what they felt the chances for a new building were. Most of them were enthusiastic, saying that they were hearing a lot of positive talk on Facebook. But …

Wed 16 November 2011

The Wingstand: a stand for your iPhone or iPad and the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the first accessories I purchased with the original iPad was the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. I had grand plans of replacing my laptop with the iPad. That didn't happen, Apple introduced the MacBook Air and I was hooked, but I still held onto the BT keyboard.

Lately, I've been …

Tue 15 November 2011

The Senior Experience - Student Blogging for School Pride and High School Credit

Madison Local School District
Ohio School Public Relations Association

AJ Huff - Coordinator of school community public relations

The Senior Experience
- class

- 21st century teaching and learning
- language arts credit
- students apply, 6 students in class
- blog about their senior year.
- Also go to the other buildings
- They get a …

Tue 15 November 2011

Flipping the classroom with laptops

Pandora Gilboa Local Schools
R. Todd Schmutz - Superintendent
Dr. Gene Lloyrd - Director of Technology

As part of the project the student get to keep the machine when they graduate from school.

The netbooks weren't powerful enough, so now they've moved to more robust laptops.

How the idea was born
- Textbook …

Tue 15 November 2011

Jamie Vollmer Keynote OSBA 2011 Capital Conference


Author of "Schools can not do it alone"

Talk about our power. A little bit about the need for change.

Quote by Lincoln

Mold public sentiment

Others have done an excellent job of molding public sentiment against public schools.

Governors think that private sectors …

Tue 15 November 2011

eDays, not calamity days


Mississinawa Valley Local school district
- Pilot school for eDays

Replace snow days with eDays?
- ancedotes: take away sled time? :-) Big learning experience

- Supt. brought in through a video …

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