Fri 22 January 2016

Resetting a daily taskpaper list

I have a couple daily taskpaper lists that by the end of the have an @done on each line and I need to reset it for the next day. Instead of trying to do a search and replace everyday, I added a bash alias to .bash_profile (or .bashrc):

alias rst ...

Thu 21 January 2016

Saving bash shell history for multiple shells

The history from the commands typed into bash are very useful from time to time, especially when I think "Oh, I'll remember that command next time I need it", and then I don't. The problem with bash's history are twofold:

  • It only saves history when the terminal ...

Wed 20 January 2016

Markdown to presentation

Since my preferred interface is the command line, yesterday I was thinking how cool it would be to knock out a presentation from Markdown. I could work on the content, and not get distracted by the interface. Luckily, I didn't have to look any further than Pandoc. Pandoc can ...

Tue 19 January 2016

Jumping to multiple hosts with ssh behind a gateway

At home I have several hosts that I need to ssh into at various times. Unfortunately, since IPv6 is widely deployed, I am stuck sshing into one host that is publically accessible, and from there sshing into other hosts. Cumbersome to say the least, but it does look cool when ...

Mon 18 January 2016

Resetting a .taskpaper file

I use a couple of .taskpaper files for checklists of things that need to be done every day. In it, after a task is completed the task gets an @done tag added. But the next day I want to start fresh. I could do a find/replace, but sed at ...

Sat 16 January 2016

My Newsbeuter config file

And here's my config file that I use with Newsbeuter.

article-sort-order  date asc
auto-reload         yes
reload-time         60
show-read-feeds     no
show-read-articles  no
mark-as-read-on-hover   no
bookmark-cmd        "~/Development/bookmark"
bookmark-autopilot  no
save-path           "~/Documents/Research"

Fri 15 January 2016

Using RSS like it's 1990

I'm a big console fan, preferring to do as much work as possible from the command line. So it shouldn't be surprised that I also use RSS even as others have abandoned it for things like Twitter. I prefer to supplement my news feeds with Twitter and not ...

Tue 23 June 2015

Publishing using Sphinx to Github

I've been playing around with Sphinx as a digital publishing tool. It can take multiple files written in reStructuredText (similar to Markdown, which is plain text with minimal markup) and create not only a website, but also PDFs and ePubs (and more, list is on the website). An example ...

Thu 13 February 2014

IRC for teachers #tlah

Since the website at just isn't up to everyone's standards on using IRC for group chats I've put together a brief tutorial on installing a Chrome app that works a lot better than the website. It is also prettier. :-) (I also stumbled acrossed Tiny ...

Sun 09 February 2014

In honor of The Lego Movie I present Ohio Dan and the Silver Brick of Doom

Back in 1999, my brother and I put together a Lego stop motion movie. Ohio Dan and the Silver Brick of Doom. I had to laugh at the beginning of The Lego Movie since the beginning scene and a couple of the lines reminded me of Ohio Dan.

The pictures ...

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