Wed 05 June 2013

A PirateBox to call my own

In a couple of weeks I will be taking part in the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA), a week long bike ride through several towns in Ohio. As I was planning on how to power everything, somehow I was reminded of the PirateBox.

A PirateBox is a self contained hotspot ...

Thu 11 April 2013

Linux for 1:1 instead of Chromebooks or iPads

(This post is basically me thinking out loud...)

Like many districts, my district is looking at devices for a 1:1 program. The top three devices seem to be Chromebooks, iPads, Windows or OS X laptops. Costs are the main driving factor for a lot of districts, which basically means ...

Wed 13 March 2013

Re-purpose old machines as Chrome Browser boxes - Introducing the GozBrowserBox

I've been going back and forth on when to formally announce the GozBrowserBox project. On one hand, I'm sure it's ready to be used, but on the other hand, I'm afraid I forgot something! Anyway, without further ado...

Introducing the GozBrowser Box

GozBrowserBox is a set ...

Mon 04 February 2013

❂ Andre Cassagnes, Creator Of The Etch A Sketch, Dead At 86

? Source ?

Tue 29 January 2013

Thirty years of tech, where are we now?

This January marks the 30 year anniversary of the Apple //e and the Apple Lisa. While the Apple //e had profound effects on the computer world throughout the 80s, I am in awe of how much the Apple Lisa foretold of the computing world. No matter what your thoughts are ...

Wed 12 September 2012

Has Apple lost it?

Apple announced the iPhone 5 today and updates to the iPod line. Most of the announcements were lackluster at best, but the event laid the groundwork for the rumored iPad mini event in October, which could be even more disastrous than the iPhone 5 event today.

The iPhone 5 is ...

Mon 23 July 2012

Impressions of the Nexus 7 Tablet

For those that know me, ordering a Google Nexus 7 Tablet when it was released isn't much of a surprise. I did wait a day though. :-) The Nexus 7 Tablet joins the stable of portable devices at home, which include a couple of iPad 1s, and iPad 3, a ...

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